Anubhav Mishra



My name is Anubhav Mishra and I am the technical advisor to the cto at HashiCorp. I am passionate about Developer Advocacy and helping developers and operators do better.

Previously, I worked at Hootsuite, where I created Atlantis - An Open Source project that helps teams collaborate on Infrastructure using Terraform.

I love working with distributed systems and exploring new technologies. I also love working on open source software and is continuously finding ways to contribute to projects that excite me. That has led me to contribute to projects like Virtual Kubelet (a CNCF project) and dapr. I often speak at conferences. I am also writing a book on Vault called Getting Started with HashiCorp Vault. In my free time, I like DJing, making music, photography, and play football. I am a huge Manchester United supporter.

About the Blog

This blog is the next chapter of the build1point0 tumblr and Medium blogs that I couldn’t maintain. Hopefully this time I can regularly blog about things that I find interesting or things that I am working on!